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Do’s and Don’t while planning your outdoor space

Patio’s are an important extension of your inner spaces, and a great reflection of who you are as a person. Hence leaving the patio to the whims of nature could prove to be erroneous. Green Territory India takes the opportunity to help you rev up the patio, with statement fitments that is a reflection of who you are.

When doing up the outdoors, one can choose from an array of media. But there are a few things one needs to factor in while working on your outdoor extension.
These include the following:

1. Weather conditions

India’s weather conditions are very tropical. If your outhouse dots the coastline, one must understand that the sun is just as harsh as the monsoon. This in turn could prove to be detrimental for your fitments if they don’t involve the use of media that is resilient to these extreme weather conditions.

2. Insects and rotting

Woods have the ability to lock in moisture. This gives rise to termites and other wood contaminating pests that could not only destroy your furniture, but also find their pesky existence into the walls of your holiday home. Make sure that media used, seals and locks off the moisture. This will ensure that the fitment is moisture resistant and will withstand the rotting and pests for longer. Do keep in mind that the maintenance of wood is a regular process.

3. Choose what’s best for you

When planning your patio you can choose from an array of media this is including of resin, wrought iron/ cast iron, cane, marble, hard stone, synthetic rattan, and many more. Take the ‘Blue Nile’ for instance. The outdoor dining set is crafted using weathered teak, and artfully combined with ceramic tiles that imparts the perfect poolside vibe.

4. Eco-friendly Options

most people believe that wood proves to be more expensive for the use of outdoor furniture. But if you look at it in the retrospect is the a more durable and an eco-friendly option. If woods are managed well, they last you for generations together. Wood has the ability to grow from strength to strength as it gets exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Typically the use of reclaimed hard woods make for great options for your outdoor patio. Take teak, mahogany, eucalyptus, acacia, neem and pine. As mentioned above make sure the wood involved is treated, so that it locks away the excess moisture. ‘The Pretty Vintage Parts’ do have an interesting character. The low-lying seaters are etched out in solid-wood, and could be multifariously used for a number of purposes.

5. Stack them away

If you have the space, make sure that the chosen fitment is not only big on comfort, but can also be sucked away. This will ensure the longevity of the fitment. The ‘Industrially Set’ cart coffee table, is aesthetically designed, and can be wheeled away into your inner spaces, when you’re not in your holiday home. The rustic tones ensure minimal maintenance, and bring forth the drama in the wood.

Green Territory also commits itself towards creating bespoke statement pieces for your outdoor spaces.The aesthetics of design pretty much runs in our veins.