Rustically Yours – Walking you through the innate charms of reclaims

If there’s anything that catches my fancy as a connoisseur, is the antique furniture from the iconic bygone era. Intricate carvings and the aged look on the wood simply draws my attention. However, over the years I’ve come to discover that people residing in various parts of South and Southeast Asia, resist purchasing furniture made using reclaimed wood.

In India especially, people cast old wood aside as ‘Raddi’ (Goods that are to be done away with either cause it looked worn out and defeated, or because the family heirloom got bad-luck.)! An old superstition that comfortably co-exists with the new-normal. In fact, if we take a closer look at the fitments etched out of reclaimed wood, we realize that the piece becomes quite a conversation starter! The grandeur of the possible carving on the piece or even the well-defined grains on the wood renders volumes on the persona of the wood. Let’s take some time out to understand the nuances of reclaimed wood a little better.

# Reclaimed wood is ugly to look at

There is an old adage that states, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!’ Unlike newly harvested wood, old reclaims have got a lot more character. The hues in the wood are invigorating and the grains are more emergent and defined. In the newly harvested wood, the color hasn’t acquired maturity, imparting that nascent hint of orange, and the grains are undefined. Woods are like wines, they mature with age.

# Do fitments incorporating reclaims cost and arm and a leg?

This isn’t always necessary. However, if you are paying a price, it is for the treatment that the wood requires, to allow it to last that much longer and keep from pesky termites.

# Is reclaimed wood sturdy enough?

Well, the fact is that such wood has literally stood the test of time, and has garnered even more strength over the years. In fact, marine ply or wood from the boast is often used to make outdoor furniture. Weathered wood after treatment has the ability to resist harsh weather conditions.

# Can Salvaged wood can give you tetanus?

Salvaged wood is disinfected and sanitized before its put to good use. Every rusted nail, nut, screw, or bolt is removed and or replaced with new ones. The treatment is a process whereby the wood is restored and is made ready to use.

# Can reclaim wood get along well in a modern contemporary set up?

Well, if you allow your imagination to saunter it absolutely does! Reclaimed wood imparts a bit of the old-world charm lending an underlining bucolic charm to your modern contemporary setting. If placed strategically it certainly imparts edge rendering warmth and coziness to your inner spaces.

# Does reclaimed wood require maintenance?

Upkeep is necessary for any type of wood. In spite of the wood being treated, reclaims still have a tendency to swell and shrink based on weather conditions. Reclaims incorporates the use of special natural colored wax to keep the wood hydrated and the sheen alive.

The aesthetics of salvaged wood are very defining in more than one way. Fitments made using reclaims are certain to become heirloom pieces, as these pieces have endured the required strength with passing time.