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About Us

About Us

All in the name

Founded in 2015, ‘Green Territory’ strongly lobbies its concern for the environment through its inimitable creations of artefacts and furniture. Each piece of furniture reads well into the future, thoughtfully combining the nuances of design and functionality. By incorporating the use of reclaims we are ensuring sustainability coupled with design ethics that are borrowed from the world over. We seek inspiration from various movements from around the world, bringing about the unique rendezvous of the bygone era, that also caters to the needs to the modern day. Each fitment is thought-provokingly crafted incorporating functionality and durability.
Strapping narratives originating from the land of Maharajas, now paves its way into the global arena, leaving its indelible imprint in the mind of its ardent connoisseurs. At Green Territory we take pride in restoring some statement vintage pieces. As we step into the international arena we choose quality over quantity ensuring seamlessness in every market we provide for. Our meticulous craftsmen create signature pieces, that will put a smile on our customers faces. At Green Territory we go an extra mile to create bespoke statement pieces, that would accord to your design taste and suit your décor.


Restoring the world’s flora and fauna remains the topmost priority at Green Territory.


The mission is to give back what we’ve robbed from the environment around us, by simply reclaiming all that is already there back to good use. We also aim at fostering a positive attitude towards reclaimed furniture, as we show our patrons around vintage charms.


It is essential for our esteemed customers to understand that ‘Old is gold’. To have certain antiquities find its way back to the inner spaces of you adobe as it’s brought together in an intriguing rendezvous with the more modern elements, makes for a timeless product that going to be cherished for generations to follow.

Going Green

Members of the Mehta Family are devout environmentalists. The ethic of recycle and reuse, has been ingrained on witnessing the rapid depletion of the environment. They strongly believe in sustainability, and hope to become a driving force at promoting sustainable fitments at a global level.

About Meena Mehta

Born and brought up in the vibrant state of Rajasthan, Meena Mehta, was smitten by ‘all things nice’ from her early years. Her awe-inspiring personal collection of shot-glasses and decantacters are almost over a century old. However, Meena Mehta followed her heart and as she applied for a PhD. in Psychology.  She went onward to serve at the Indian Defence Academy and continue with her private practice.  

Destiny had cast its premeditated design, directing Miss Mehta back to the expansive family business. Today she fittingly appropriates her management skills at the manufacturing unit in Jodhpur, managing orders at a global level.

The Creative Genius

Rakesh Mehta, better known as the ‘creative genius’ in the world of furniture conceptualizes the most artful fitment using an array of media. He’s successfully introduced us to the concept of reclaimed teakwood. His signature designs and bucolic finishes have been inspired by some profound art movements from around the world.